Welcome to the Style Loft…

ADORNED STYLE LOFT is a thoughtfully curated boutique collection of chic, trendy yet sophisticated fashion, beauty and interior styling selections.

Our brand provides access to modern clothing designs, beauty products and beautiful home decor offerings that make creating jaw dropping looks for your individual style or space easy!

Our mantra is “look good; live well!” Most of the featured brands that we carry are from women owned businesses! Our ethos is truly “women supporting women”!

ASL…an infusion of art, fashion, beauty & interior style!


We also have a non-profit community organization called THE ADORNED LIFE whose mission is to empower women to flourish and thrive in life by providing creative content, resources, workshops and events that promote financial literacy, spiritual soundness, mental and physical wellness, beauty care and education, style assistance, and positive social interactions.

John 10:10