Transition is Happening!

Heyyy my loves!!! It has been a minute since I posted here in our blog! I mean a looonnngggg minute!!! But I promise I will be posting more frequently. And please share your thoughts on whatever topic we are discussing in the comment section below. I want this to be a dialogue between us! Ok?!

Soooo... you beauties!!!…what about 2020???!!! This year has absolutely been one for the books!!! Right??!! Man!!! I mean whoever would have thought that NOT wearing a face mask would deny you entrance into most public places?!
We have experienced history this year! From the pandemic, to the Black Lives Matter movement gaining momentum, to MS finally changing its state flag, to our country’s first female African Americans vice presidential nominee!!! It’s been quite the year! And through it all, God has been tremendously gracious and absolutely faithful!
As I reflect back over the year and as we are heading into the fall season, the word that comes to mind is TRANSITION. Webster’s Dictionary defines transition like this:

A) passage from one state, stage, subject, or place to another : CHANGE
B)  a movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, or style to another.
Theres a saying that’s says “ an instance, God can shift you from praying for it to walking in it.” And although I like that quote, I have to say that even though it may seem like an instance, there will definitely have been a season of transition and preparation  that precedes the manifestation. I know for me personally, the things that I’m currently walking in came after a season transition. And during that time of transition, I had to cut off certain associations and relationships, study and learn, align my thoughts with God’s word, incorporate new disciplines and practices into my life, let go of things from the previous season of my life and almost go through a period of isolation.
That period of transition gets you ready for what’s coming. During each season of transition that I’ve gone through, God has stretched my faith and built capacity in me to receive the things that I had been praying for. I evolved and grew so much during each time. And that’s what it will do for you too!!!
An instance in the Bible that shows a transitional moment, is when God was leading the Children of Israel out of Egypt (which represented lack, scarcity and bondage) into the Promise Land. There are so many lessons that we can get out that!!! So many!!! This passage of scripture will make an excellent “girl chat” for our upcoming Zoom call!! Definitely is a great Bible study topic... but anyhoo, I digress…

The advice that I can give for anyone going through a time of transition is to stay focused and let the process do what it’s designed to do. Read God’s word, strategize-plan-write out your goals/vision for the next season, let go of anything and anybody who would be a hindrance to your growth, spend lots of time in prayer, and be obedient to do whatever God tells you to do! It will be well worth it!
Are any of you in a period of transition?! If so, share your thoughts! Love y’all!
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