Introducing…Adorned Style Loft and TOV Furniture!

And we are LIIIVVEE!!!!
Okay so...I’m incredibly, INCREDIBLY grateful for this amazing opportunity that God has given me to work with this super fabulous woman owned brand called TOV Furniture!!! They manufacture some of the most colorful and inspiring pieces on the market. And I am SO excited to have them as a part of the Style Loft’s Home Collection!!! Their pieces have been used to stage numerous tv show sets, all over HGTV and one of my faves...they are the company who supplied Tika Sumpter’s amazing and so so SO chic apartment set on Tyler Perry’s movie, “Nobody’s Fool”. (You guys go take a look...that apartment was so dope!!!)
Anyhoo... I have earned the title of Elite Designer with this brand, and my company is the exclusive retailer for central and southern MS! And we ship all over the country!!!
I am extremely thankful.
My initial plan was to open a hair and fashion boutique but God’s was far greater!!! He has evolved my brand in such an amazing, innovative and fascinating way!!! He has given me so many open doors and connected me with some new and innovative heavy hitters in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle industries. I can’t wait for you all to see what all HE has done!!! And thank YOU ALL for always being so supportive of The Adorned Life...I pray that you all enjoy all that God is doing for US ALL through it!
Sooo...check out the online store!!! We will be adding new merch next week! Oh and we have FREE SHIPPING on furniture pieces right now!!! You can NOT beat that!!! If you need help designing your space, let me know!! I’ve got you covered!!!
Love y’all!!! ❤️


  • Hello, I’m really loved your work on this movie (Nobody’s Fool)-you have quite the eye and great taste. I’d really love to know where I could find the furniture set from her Bedroom. Any help you can give? Those nightstands I’d really like to purchase

  • Hi you have an amazing eye I’m in love with Tika Sumpters Apt you just have to help me please

    Kermita Lawson

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